Lewis and Clark: Moccasins

Making moccasins was an activity/craft we found in both of the activity books mentioned in the previous post (L&C Expedition). So we did it. Except, because I am me, we only kind of followed the instructions. It was a little confusing and I had limited time – 2 babies were napping, the preschooler was “sewing” his own creation (sharp needles and little kids make me nervous), and my husband came home early for work. Plus, “what’s for dinner?” It was just kind of a busy afternoon and we were rushed.  Anyway…

So like I said, I kind of followed the instructions. They turned out just fine, though, because really, the moccasins are made of felt and yarn. There isn’t a whole lot you can mess up there. (well, maybe…) The two older kids (8 and 7) could do most of their own stitching, except on the folds where the felt was thick. They even did their own beadwork! (you can kind of tell 🙂 )

The fun part is that at least one of them actually likes to WEAR his moccasins. And the really nice part about this entire activity was that the 4 of us sat in the living room together talking and laughing and working with our hands, just enjoying each other’s company. That is one of the best things about homeschool! Being together with my family, creating and strengthening bonds and love and memories!

The preschooler creation and a little house my daughter made ended up here too!


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