But What About All the Other Kids…

Well, that statement only applies if you actually have other kids who are too young to participate in any structured homeschool time with the older kids.  The reason one of my most favorite homeschooling books doesn’t actually work for me very well is that I am pretty sure that mother only had one child and I have… wait for it…. five. That is a lot in some neighborhoods – actually it is kind of a lot in my neighborhood too.

When people ask me what I do with the littles during formal schooling time I tell them honestly, “oh they just play by themselves, when the two youngest aren’t napping of course.”

This is what that looks like…


Some people may prefer to call this making furniture barricades blocking access to any other room in the house and then throwing a tantrum because you can’t find your milk sippy. No, not the sippy right behind you on the nightstand that is supposed to be in your bedroom, the sippy you have so cleverly balanced somehow in the back of the chair that is supposed to be in the play room at your mother’s “off limit” desk. *Bonus points if you somehow get your baby brother in there with you.


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