Planet Nine

For the first time I have signed my old enough children into the local public school’s after school 4-H program. I am so excited! It helps that the lady who runs the entire thing live a few steps away from us AND we see her at church every Sunday (and she is awesome!)

J is signed up for Space Explorers and A is signed up for Arts and Crafts. J was a little disappointed that he couldn’t do the bug club because in his own words, “We already learned about space last year but I don’t really know anything about bugs,” but he has had one session already and really enjoyed it. (A has her first session on Monday.)

Anyway, space in the news! Planet Nine! not Pluto, the REAL Planet Nine! So of course once I saw this article (while checking the web before school one morning because sometimes I am just a little too addicted. working on it, working on it.) I had to print it out and let J read it even though it meant starting school late… again.

Courtesy of (I would have just linked it but I couldn’t find it on the site anymore.)

Planet Nine





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